Why Alumni Preferences Should Be Retained at Public Schools

New Zealand Education Politics Submissions

A recent proposal by the Ministry of Education would remove the preferences given to the children/siblings of alumni in school enrolment schemes. I submitted to the Ministry in opposition to this change.

Mitchell Palmer https://mitchellpalmer.nz

In what can only be described as a solution in search of a problem, the Ministry of Education recently proposed changes to the enrolment schemes which govern admissions to in-demand state schools in New Zealand which would remove the slight preference given to the children and siblings of alumni. These changes threaten the inter-generational traditions which underpin many of New Zealand’s great schoools and would deprive such schools of accesss to alumni resources, while doing nothing to increase the resources avaliable to other schools. Furthermore, the changes would entrench the zoning system and make it even more expensive for New Zealanders to send their children to our ostensibly free state schools.

I voiced my strong opposition to this proposal in a submission to the Ministry, a PDF copy of which is linked here.


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